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Financial Assistance Programs (Diagnosis)

All Cancers

Cancer Care

(asst. w/ transportation/pain meds)

Met NSCLC,MET BA CA, Met pancreatic

T: 800-813-4673


Cleaning for a Reason

Maid services for once a month for 4 months


Hopes Abounds, Inc.

Aassist women, children and teens only

O: 910-799-7178

F: 910-778-1599


Breast Cancer

The Helene Fund

SW Referral

Financial and childcare assistance

Must have children in the home under 18 y/o and be in active treatment

Executive Director Susan Bowers:

O: 919-280-7800


Pretty in Pink Foundation

Financial assistance for treatment related expenses. Treatment related expenses (i.e., Surgery (excluding reconstruction), Chemotherapy (excluding medications), Radiation Therapy, Office Co-Pays, Co-Insurance, Insurance Premiums & Deductibles COBRA Premiums)

O: 919-532-0532


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